New Custom iPhone4 Slider Cases from CafePress

New Custom iPhone4 Slider Cases from CafePress

Know someone with an iPhone4 and you’re looking for just the right case for them? You might want to wander over to CafePress and have a look at their new line of

“Our mobile phones have quickly become an extension of our personalities; it’s rare to see someone on the street without a phone in hand. Until today, the cases used to accessorize and protect have been limited and lacking in self expression,” said CafePress Vice President of Marketing Amy Maniatis. “Now, for the first time shoppers can create an iPhone 4 case that reflects their own personality, building on a long successful trend of consumer customization. We can’t wait to see how consumers choose to express their unique passion on their mobile cases.”

You start at the custom case page, then upload an image and before you know it you have a mockup up of what your case might look like. It took me longer for my giant picture to upload than the process would have been to have this case made with my lovely wife on it:

Unfortunately, CafePress didn’t really like my choice of picture (copyright reasons which is odd), but the process was pretty simple and I was just one click away from ordering a truly custom case. Between the standard cases CafePress is offering and the ability to make your own. I think this is a pretty cool thing for the iPhone4 owner.

Can you say holiday gift?

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