Father and son launch an iPhone and HD camera into space, take amazing video

Father and son launch an iPhone and HD camera into space, take amazing video

This puts any science project you have been a part of to shame, period. A father and son team, members of the larger Brooklyn Space Program, put together a balloon to travel into space which rose to a height of some 100,000 feet (nearly 19 miles) before coming down.

In the balloon was an HD camera that took a video of the entire trip which lasted more than an hour. An iPhone was also placed in the balloon, and the father and son used its GPS capabilities to later find the balloon which landed 30 miles from where it was launched.

Luke Geissbuhler and his son, who is just seven years old, claim that the balloon dealt with winds of up to 100 mph in flight, and then upon descent cracked the 150 mph barrier. The balloon burst under stress, sending it careening back to earth.

Eventually a parachute deployed, slowing the then popped balloon and its cargo to a mere 15 mph for a soft landing and recovery. Highlights and further explanation can be found in their video below. The author of this post would like to point out that when he has kids in the future, he hopes to be 1/4th as cool as Mr. Geissbuhler.

Isn’t technology just the coolest thing?

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