Apple growing facial recognition capabilities with Polar Rose acquisition.

Apple growing facial recognition capabilities with Polar Rose acquisition.

According to a post on 9 to 5 Mac, by way of Norwegian Mac Site Mac1, Apple has purchased all of the shares in Swedish Tech Company Polar Rose for an as of now undisclosed amount.

Polar Rose is a service offering which specializes in facial recognition and late last year developed a centralised album for all your online photos. The distinguishing feature offered by Polar Rose is the way that it tags those in photos using its facial recognition technology.

According to the story, Polar Rose is described as:

“The Malmö-based company specializes in developing technology which makes facial recognition, not unlike what Apple already has and uses iPhoto for Mac OS X. Through sophisticated algorithms, manages the software of the Arctic Rose to recognize faces in images and the company offers three different products using this solution. Two of the (Face Cloud and FaceLib) them seem to be very interesting for Apple.”

What will Apple do with the capabilities of Polar Rose?  With iPhoto, Apple already has facial recognition capabilities, albeit limited in scope, uses some facial recognition technology in iPhoto.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Apple’s share acquisition and what you believe their reasoning may be behind the purchase.

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