Announcing the official TNW iPhone App.

Announcing the official TNW iPhone App.

IMPORTANT: There is an unofficial app named “TNW” developed by a developer who we have no affiliation with. He/she is charging for the app and it’s a waste of money. We’re doing all we can to remove the app from the app store but for now, make sure you are downloading the correct app. Link is below or search for “The Next Web” in the app store.

I bring good news. Introducing TNW for the iPhone.

We’ve been working on this for some time and are delighted with the result. There’s still a fair bit of work to do and of course we’ll be releasing apps for other platforms but for a first release, we’re pleased and hope you will be too.

The app provides a customizable home screen that lets you select just the channels, editions and regional blogs you’re interested in reading, just like the main website.

Want to read just one blog? Click the blog title and you’re there. To read an article, click the title and voila. Once you’re done reading, speak your mind via comments or share away on Twitter or Facebook. If you’re too busy to read the article there and then, favorite it for later or send it over to your instapaper account in one click.

The app is also iOS4 ready, so quick app switching is built in – just remember to click refresh for new stories!

A big thank you to the guys at PostMachina for the design and massive thank you to the wonderful team at Unwind for their time and effort developing it.

We hope you enjoy the experience. Now get downloading and share your thoughts below!

Click here to download. (iTunes Link)

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