iPhone 3GS Heading To T-Mobile This Year?

iPhone 3GS Heading To T-Mobile This Year?

Note, we are obviously discussing the US T-Mobile, thanks!

At this point I almost want T-Mobile to just get the iPhone so that the rumors can dry up and blow away.

Last night Wired Editor Chris Anderson tweeted that “A T-Mobile manager casually mentioned to me that they’re going to get the iPhone 3GS (but not 4, oddly) later this year. Common knowledge?” This is sure to ignite another rumor flame war over just what is going to happen and when.

We covered this rumor in July, quoting that there was an 80% chance of an iPhone heading to T-Mobile this year. Previously in June I expressed a skeptical attitude towards the T-Mo/Apple concept, it just didn’t jive with Apple’s relationship with AT&T and the Cupertino giant’s release cycles.

Oddly, this latest rumor is the strangest. Only the iPhone 3GS is being mentioned, not the iPhone 4. This means that T-Mobile would be a full generation behind if indeed it did pick up the 3GS. Is this a clever ploy to ditch stock that Apple doesn’t want and can’t sell? Perhaps T-Mobile is working hard to support the iPhone, but has only manged to prepare for the 3GS?

We don’t know, but don’t hold your breath. It might be that the “T-Mobile iPhone 2010” stories will only stop when the year ends.

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