Fake iPhone 5 Prototype leaves me wanting…

Fake iPhone 5 Prototype leaves me wanting…

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When I look at my iPad and iPhone 4 I can’t help but realize that one day we will regard them as dated and old. Imagine one day passing a garbage can and seeing a discarded iPad there. You will look at it, shrug, and move on. Just like you would do if you would see an old blue iMac or a Palmpilot. You just know it is going to happen.

So what about the iPhone 5? Just minutes before the keynote starts where Steve Jobs will announce it you will say to yourself ‘whatever he announces, I don’t need it. the iPhone 4 works fine for me’. The Steve Jobs shows you the iPhone 5 and right there you will realize your iPhone 4 is now ancient technology and there is no way in hell you can live on without the iPhone 5.

Am I right? Sure I am. We have all been there.

So, what do you expect from the iPhone 5? Just thinner? Even higher resolution screen? Stereo loudspeakers? 3D screen? What???

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