Next Generation Apple TV Released. Nothing to write home about.

Next Generation Apple TV Released. Nothing to write home about.

Steve Jobs begins his “one more thing” moment with news of an update to Apple TV.

His points:

  • People want Hollywood movies & TV shows
  • everything in HD
  • lower prices for content
  • people don’t want a computer on their TV (can you hear the cries of pain from geeks across the world?)
  • people don’t want to manage storage
  • don’t want to have to sync.


  • All about Movies, TV, Shows.
  • All HD when contents available.
  • No purchases on Apple TV, all rentals. 99c for HD Rentals. (Fox and ABC only at the moment)
  • Netflix to Apple TV connect (ok, this is pretty cool)
  • Flickr and Mobile Me connection.
  • Streaming, no sync.
  • Includes: power, hdmi, ethernet and wifi.
  • Includes Rotten Tomatoes integration to browse movies by actor, director, review etc.
  • Streaming from iOS devices using Airplay (Stream audio, video & photos over wifi from your iPad). Yes, iPad and iPhone remote for your TV.

Cost: $99. Big step forward, and available in 4 weeks, pre-ordering begins today.

Update: Ok, the title is a little harsh but lets face it, we were all hoping for bigger things – namely a competitor to Google TV – hasn’t happened.

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