iPhone Headed To T-Mobile In The Fall?

iPhone Headed To T-Mobile In The Fall?

This is not confirmed, and according to the source is only an 80% shot, but the iPhone may finally lose its one carrier status in the US and become available on two networks: AT&T and T-Mobile.

According to a “high placed source” at T-Mobile, this year, the last in which AT&T and Apple have a exclusivity deal, is the one when T-Mobile gets its mits on the prized iPhone. It might already be counting the future profits.

Both T-Mobile and AT&T are GSM carriers, and so bringing the iPhone to T-Mobile would not be difficult. If this does come true I will be publicly forced to eat crow, after strongly before decrying the possibility of a deal just like this one. Previously, I said:

Analysts are at it again, fabricating contrarian reports to garner endless headline space across the internet. In today’s episode of ‘Analysts-Gone-Crazy’ we have Shaw Wu claiming that it is not Verizon that will perhaps get the iPhone once (if, more like) Apple and AT&T decide to let it go, but T-Mobile.

Best part? His timeline, which points to the addition of T-Mobile as an iPhone carrier no later than next year, and possibly by this fall. If you know anything about Apple product release cycles, you know what bunk this is.

I remind you of my thoughts to keep this new rumor in check; this is just another whisper that we all want to be true. If we get more confirmation, we will bring it to you. Until then, someone claims an 80% of an iPhone on T-Mobile this third quarter. Will you buy one?

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