Bluetooth multi-touch trackpad for Apple devices could be hitting stores soon

Bluetooth multi-touch trackpad for Apple devices could be hitting stores soon

An FCC filing today has revealed a “Bluetooth trackpad” for Apple that matches the product number given on a picture of a rumored multitouch input device that will probably be named “Magic Trackpad“.

Though the filing doesn’t show a clear diagram of the device (it’s actually just two rectangles as you can see above) the fact that it includes both the ID number and the words “Bluetooth trackpad” and does not include any other wireless connectivity options (i.e. WiFi or cellular, so it really can only work if paired with another device) seems to point to this being the corresponding filing for this device. As a couple of other Apple focused sites have pointed out, Apple products generally get released shortly after FCC approval, so we could perhaps see an announcement and/or the device on shelves within a matter of weeks, if not sooner.

That said, somewhat strangely, it seems as if Apple could have brought this to market much earlier, as the FCC testing was being done last fall. There could be many reasons for this of course – Apple certainly has released enough products this year already – also, could this device work on an iPad and/or iPhone? Would be cool, though probably unlikely at least at first, but that said the Apple keyboard certainly works flawlessly with the iPad…

There are no indications how much this device would cost.

Images: Engadget

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