News breaks of new App Store hacking we reported a week ago

News breaks of new App Store hacking we reported a week ago

A number of blogs are reporting news of a new iTunes category swarming with apps from a new rogue developer. Interestingly enough we reported this very case a week ago and again just 3 days ago…but that’s not important. The important thing is people are aware of it and Apple do something about it right? Right.

So.. the developer is Wishii Network. Similar to the first example, Wishii Networks apps completely dominate the top travel iPad apps list with 29 out of 50 apps in the Travel category of apps store, this time on the iPad.

We’ve now received three reports from people who have spotted these apps in their billing history but considering this is the US itunes app store and each of the apps requires payment to climb up the chart – there’s bound to be many more.

As we’ve said over and over and over again, there are heaps of these developers, each with a home in the app store – stealing your money. More to come from on this from us very soon.

For now, what you should immediately do is remove your CC details from your iTunes account, change passwords and ensure you are notified for absolutely every purchase made via your iTunes account.

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