Will.i.am throws the boom boom pow at his iPad thieves.

Will.i.am throws the boom boom pow at his iPad thieves.

Maybe you heard, a couple of weeks ago, about Black Eyed Pea Will.i.am losing his iPad.  If not, as the story went down, his car was broken into and he lost his iPad, among roughly $10k worth of other belongings.

But it didn’t take Will long to call out his inner geek.  According to Will, in a blog post:

“everyone is talking about my car getting broken into… actually…i accidentally left it open…unfortunately someone walked by it and took everything out of it…in my car was my coke bottle cap man bag…and in that bag was my drivers license, black american express card, visa card, 10 thousand dollars worth of items, and my ipad… ha ha… (thats when i remember i turned on “find my ipad function) to make a long story short – threw gps and find my ipad on: i located it and the dumb a** criminals and sent 6 cops to their house…recovered all my stuff…”wow”…the lesson here is never steal technology…”

If there’s one thing to be said about he music industry today, it would be the rise of the geeks.  A tip of the hat goes to TNW reader KBIRI for the heads up.

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