iBooks Now A Universal App

iBooks Now A Universal App

Following up on making iOS 4 live for everyone, Apple has just updated iBooks to make it a universal app that now works on the iPhone and iPod Touch to go along with the iPad.

The new version, 1.1, requires iOS 4 to work on the iPhone/iPod Touch and includes the following updates according to the App Store description:

  • Open and read PDF documents from Mail. PDF documents will be added to your library and appear on the PDF bookshelf. You can even search PDFs for words or phrases and bookmark your favorite pages.
  • Take advantage of new ways to bookmark. In addition to highlighting a word or a passage, you can now also add notes or bookmark an entire page with the new page ribbon.
  • Keep your bookmarks, notes, and your current page wirelessly in sync between iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with the new automatic bookmark syncing feature.
  • See your book pages in a new font, called Georgia.
  • Read your books on white or sepia colored pages.
  • Choose left or fully justified text layout from Settings.
  • Read pages with greater ease by increasing to even larger font sizes.
  • Enjoy greater stability and better performance.

One of our editors notes that books don’t seem to sync between the iPad and iPhone – only the bookmarks, so perhaps they have to be downloaded twice?


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