AT&T, In Your iPhone 4 Order, Canceling It After You Made It

AT&T, In Your iPhone 4 Order, Canceling It After You Made It

This is rumor at the moment, but given the very rough last few days for AT&T (and therefore Apple), we are inclined towards believing it. Reports are coming in that AT&T is canceling some iPhone 4 pre-orders.

Just when you thought that having the whole ordering system break down, watching AT&T ejaculate your private information to random people, and then run out of iPhones was not enough, now your order might be shot down like the Red Barron. Dark times, it could be said.

Here is the bulk of it: due to information mix-ups, AT&T has not been able to verify the information of a good number of people, and will thus been forced to rescind their order. To use AT&T’s supposed words:

“Unfortunately, we were either unable to verify the information you provided or you have exceeded the number of lines of service that we allow customers to purchase online. As a result, your order has been canceled.”

So there you have it ladies and gentleman, the last straw. It literally cannot get worse from here on out.

Or can it? Put on your tin foil hat, and ask yourself this: is it possible that AT&T just sold too many iPhones on day one? The confusion alone makes it quite likely. It may be that AT&T just sold to many devices, and is now canceling orders to make the supply and demand columns line up. Who knows, maybe not even AT&T.

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