iPhone 4 pre-orders are sold out at AT&T.

iPhone 4 pre-orders are sold out at AT&T.

Amid all of the problems today, apparently enough orders managed to go through that all iPhone 4 pre-order units have been sold out in AT&T stores.

According to Boy Genius Report, if you ordered your phone after 1:30 PM Pacific time, you will receive it between June 25th and July 5th.

To those who didn’t manage to get in…better luck next time.  We don’t have actual numbers from the sales, but those don’t really matter.  What comes to mind here is that both AT&T and Apple should have been more prepared for today.  iPhone users have been chomping at the bit for an upgrade, so more should have been available.  Then there’s AT&T, who just proved again how irresponsible it is as the sole carrier in the US.

Update: As a commenter points out, the pre-orders that are confirmed to be out are only through AT&T.  It is believed that, if you order directly through Apple, you’ll be able to get your iPhone 4.

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