iPhone 4 Only In Black At Launch?

iPhone 4 Only In Black At Launch?

According to supposedly leaked memos from AT&T, the iPhone 4 will only launch for pre-order and initial purchase in one color, black. As Henry Ford said, you can have your iPhone in any color you want, just so long as it is black.

White models will be on sale later this summer, according to the same item. Also, the iPhone 3GS from here on out will be available in black, if the images are to be trusted. You decide:

The veracity of the document will be simple to ascertain shortly; the memo states that only black pre-orders will be accepted. Ask for a white iPhone 4 when the time comes, and see what happens.

Either way, by “later this summer” all the iPhones will be flowing into the hands of Apple fans everywhere. Top image credit.

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