The iPhone 4 Has Video Chatting

The iPhone 4 Has Video Chatting

Steve Jobs: “this is the biggest leap we have taken since the original iPhone.”

In the classic “one more thing” moment at this year’s WWDC Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone 4, the next generation iPhone, will have face to face video chatting.

Utilizing the newly upgraded cameras on the new phone, you can now video chat using the iPhone’s new feature called Face time. It looks like this when in use:

It works only with WiFi;  Jobs hollered at the crowd to turn off their WiFi to let the call go through. It works iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, all you need is a strong enough WiFi signal on both ends to push it through.

You can use either the front or rear facing cameras on your phone, allowing you to broadcast your face, or your surroudnig view to the person that you are calling. It requires no setup for either user.

Apple plans on shipping tens of millions of Face Time enabled devices this year. Jobs stated that will become the open industry standard for video chatting. Just how open Apple remains to be seen, but even a sheen of openness is breath of fresh air from the company.

Images via Ars.

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