Gizmodo Shunned By Apple – Not Given Press Passes To WWDC Keynote

Gizmodo Shunned By Apple – Not Given Press Passes To WWDC Keynote

Gizmodo is in the dog house, and Apple is letting them know it. Today Giz has put out a plea for help from people attending the WWDC keynote, as Gizmodo has not been offered press passes from Apple.

Poor Gizmodo, being forced to compete with every other tech blog in the world without a person on the spot. But, if you know anything at all about the stolen iPhone, nothing could have been more expected.

Gizmodo wants your help to overcome this impediment:

If you’re going to the keynote, and want to be a part of the exciting Apple coverage that so many of your fellow Gizmodo readers enjoy, here’s your chance.

We’ll be running our own liveblog with info from the event, supplemented from excellent liveblogs like those on GDGTMacRumorsArs TechnicaTechnologizerWired andMacworld.

We are also in need of those who can and want to send us live video, audio, instant messages and high-end photographs instantly—from the keynote. Even professionals may apply.

While Giz will no doubt still have high quality coverage of the event and its contents, it is too bad that they will be slightly delayed, and depending on randoms to pull it off.

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