5 Solid Bets For Apple’s WWDC Next Week

5 Solid Bets For Apple’s WWDC Next Week

This post isn’t about rumors. This post is about what we here at The Next Web consider pretty good bets of what Apple will be announcing next week at its annual WWDC. Here they are:

1. iPhone 4G

This is 210% certain. Steve Jobs is going to take the stage and show off the latest version of the company’s flagship product (with all due respect to MacBooks and the iPad, the iPhone is still where it’s at). Read our full debriefing of what we expect the next iPhone to offer for more details.

2. New Apple TV

Especially in light of the recent unveiling of the compelling Google TV, Apple needs to fire back at the WWDC with an updated (and frankly radically rethought) version of Apple TV. Expect iPhone OS, cloud storage and a $99 price tag.

3. Faster MacBook Pro

Although Apple recently updated the MacBook Pro, we believe that they will update the line with a faster processor that should help preserve some battery life.

4. Wireless Sync & Free MobileMe Accounts

We expect that Apple is going to make their products much more wireless friendly. This will hopefully including wireless sync that offers full browser-based iTunes support, much like Whispernet for the Kindle. This would allow users to pick their music, books, apps, TV shows on the iTunes website, and then that content will then push to a selected (and Internet connected) device. To go along with this, we think that it’s a good bet that Apple will start offering free MobileMe accounts next week.

5. Lots of bragging about the iPad

With 2 million sold in less than two months, you can put this one in the bank (we know that Apple is certainly putting that extra $1 billion in the bank).

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