Jobs: “We approve 95% of apps”

Jobs: “We approve 95% of apps”

When it comes to the App Store, there are a lot of questions regarding policy and procedure.  Jobs, speaking at the D8 Conference, offers a bit of explanation.

We have two platforms we support. One is completely open and uncontrolled and that is HTML 5. We support HTML 5. We have the best support for HTML 5 of anyone in the world.

We then support a curated platform which is the App Store.  It is the most vital applications community… We’ve got a few rules.  The app has to function as advertised. It can’t crash. It cannot use unsupported APIs.  We approve 95 percent of apps, thousands a week.

Jobs addresses some specifics, as well.  He freely admits that Apple has made some mistakes when it comes to the approvals and denials.  But he’s also quick to point out that “Nobody has ever done this before.  We’re making mistakes and we are fixing them as fast as we can”.

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