74% Of Apple Stores Completely Sold Out Of iPads

74% Of Apple Stores Completely Sold Out Of iPads

It should come as no surprise, but Apple is having a hard time keeping the iPad in stock. According to a recent study some 74% of Apple stores are completely sold out of iPads.

Even more, 26% had WiFi models and no 3G models. Of the 50 stores that were contacted as part of the survey, not a single store had any 3G models in stock. They were completely sold out everywhere. If you want just the WiFi version, you might be able to get one, but probably not.

Some stores have put in place a new system of reservations, allowing customers to put their name down for the slate computer. Upon the arrival of a new shipment, those on the list have 24 hours to head to the store and pick up their device, or lost their spot in line.

As we reported before, Apple is selling around 200,0000 iPads a week, outselling the Mac line nearly two to one. Nearly 20% of Americans have expressed serious interest in buy an iPad, a stunning number.

When will supplies loosen? It is not looking good in the short term as online orders are now to be shipped in 7-10 business days, up from 5-7 before. Everywhere you look there are just not enough iPads to be had. As a last note, it could be said that perhaps Apple constrained shipments to help build hype around the device. It does not look like that is the case. People are dying to give Apple more money, and Apple wants to let them.

Selling out a product for hype value only makes sense if that product did not have the largest, most well promoted launch in the last several years. The iPad is simply a gigantic hit among consumers.

Does your local Apple store have iPads in stock? If so, what variety?

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