Report: 24 Million 4th Gen iPhones Being Readied for 2010

Report: 24 Million 4th Gen iPhones Being Readied for 2010

According to DigiTimes, iPhone manufacturer Foxconn is preparing 24 million 4th generation iPhones for shipment in 2010, 4.5 million of which to be shipped in June alone.

Citing Taiwanese manufacturing sources, the article claims that the new iPhone will have IPS (in-plane switching) which is used in the iPad to give better viewing angles. The phone will also feature fringe-field switching, or FFS, technology, which according to the report will help the iPhone act as a better ebook reader, especially under sunlight.

The report also claims that the iPhone’s screen resolution will sport a whopping 960×640 resolution and have 512mb of RAM (however, as Apple Insider points out, this contridicts the 256mb of RAM seen in the tear-down pictures of the leaked iPhones). Additionally, the 4th gen iPhone’s screen will be 33% thinner which gives the iPhone the extra space needed to fit the larger battery (19% larger) shown in the leaked tear-down pictures.


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