iPad 3G data in the UK: Who is cheapest?

iPad 3G data in the UK: Who is cheapest?

Well, here they are – Apple has compiled a list of the prices that the UK’s three largest mobile networks want to charge you for 3G data on the iPad, which is available to pre-order today. Who works out cheapest?

If you’re a light user

If you’re not going to use much data, we’d go with O2 who offer a daily rate of £2 with a 500MB limit, compared to Orange’s 200MB.

If you eat up data

Data fiends who want a monthly rate with a high usage limit would be best served by Orange’s 10GB per month for £25. Vodafone will only give you half the amount of data for that price, while the most O2 can offer you per month is 3GB.

Users who opt for Vodafone will be paying a hefty premium, but there’s nothing new there. Vodafone has charged more than its rivals for a long time and there’s no sign of that changing here.

The only other factor to bear in mind is which of the three has the best signal strength in your area. These links should help you with that: Vodafone coverage map, O2 coverage, Orange coverage map.

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