iPad Slows Both Netbook & iPod Touch Sales

iPad Slows Both Netbook & iPod Touch Sales

Fortune reported today that Morgan Stanley has released some very interesting numbers that show that the iPad is already heavily impacting netbook and iPod Touch sales.

Using sales data collected from July 2009 until the beginning of April 2010, Morgan Stanley analyzed that not only the start of sales, but also just the mere thought of the iPad in the minds of consumers was enough to slow sales. Also, a survey conducted in March of this year clearly shows that people want the iPad over other devices.

The “big iPod Touch” obviously is much more enticing to consumers than the little one, especially as there is only a few hundred dollars separating the two devices (from the high end iPod Touch to the low end iPad). Same issue with netbooks – it seems that all other manufacturers just weren’t prepared for the $499 price point (and trust us, that’s the big reason it’s killing these other devices). On the other hand, Apple must have known that the iPod Touch was going to be a necessary causality to get the iPad into everyone’s hands.

Images: Fortune

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