UK iPad pricing posted by reseller. This can’t be right… [updated]

UK iPad pricing posted by reseller. This can’t be right… [updated]

Update at foot of this post:

A Gibraltar (they claim “authorized”) Apple reseller, Newton Systems,  has posted details of UK iPad pricing. It shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise that pricing is steep, possible too steep. You can view the page here.

Although Newton Systems claim to be authorized resellers, I haven’t been able to find a word about the company on

Remember US pricing is $499 for 16gb, $599 for 32gb, $699 for 64gb (no 3G).

The UK has always paid more than the US for the same Apple gadgets but never has we seen pricing differences this extreme. This is assuming the reseller has posted official Apple pricing.


A source has kindly sent over a screenshot below from the Apple Sales Web for Europe (where Apple releases official prices to resellers) and no prices have been revealed just yet. We can only assume Newton Systems are not in fact official resellers and the prices quoted are mere approximations for how much they hope to sell it for.

via @Macformat

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