The iPad Is Jailbroken, Blackra1n Simply Too Hotz

The iPad Is Jailbroken, Blackra1n Simply Too Hotz

The latest blog post from George Hotz (Geohot) contained no words, simply a title and an image.

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When you look at the post, you will see why it needs no explanation, especially if you have experience with the Blackra1n jailbreaking software and the Cydia software repository.

If the screenshot is legitimate and the iPad has been jailbroken, those erring on the side of caution when deciding to buy an iPad may start to look at the tablet in a whole new light. Unauthorised applications on other jailbroken Apple devices have added much needed functionality to the closed environment that is the iPhone OS.

Currently there are no official downloads of the Blackra1n jailbreaking software but it surely can’t be long until it’s released.

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