iPad Apps Now Showing in iTunes

iPad Apps Now Showing in iTunes

As if Apple hadn’t teased you enough with all of their video demos, pre-release journo reviews and teaser videos, they’ve now gone and made iPad apps available in the app store whether you have an iPad or not.

There isn’t a link in any of the drop down navigation menu’s just yet, but a quick search of an App name will reveal two options, either iPhone apps or iPad app.

For real (itunes link). In fact, I just bought my first iPad app.

The process of buying an iPad app is just as straight forward as the iPhone but yes, prices are slightly steeper so it hurts a little more. I bought Early Edition, a $5 RSS Reader that I’ve been gawking at all morning.

After purchasing it, I begun to wonder whether there was backwards compatibility? That was something which hadn’t really been discussed. Would iPad apps work with the iPhone? Excitedly I synced up my iPhone, thinking “Why not? Why wouldn’t they work?”. Clearly there is a reason because nothing synchronised, the resolution being the most significant. So definitely no backwards compatibility.

On a side note (if I say so myself) I think we’ve got some of the best coverage on the iPad out there, have a browse.

h/t @smokingapples

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