First Hands-On Preview Of The iPad

First Hands-On Preview Of The iPad

The videos, courtesy of ABC and USA today, are posted below. While you’re here you though you should also read the first in depth review of the iPad courtesy of Walt Mossberg. He believes it could be a potential laptop killer.

Also worth reading, David Pogue’s review on the NY Times.

Some quotables from Mossberg’s piece:

“The iPad is much more than an e-book or digital periodical reader, though it does those tasks brilliantly, better in my view than the Amazon Kindle. And it’s far more than just a big iPhone, even though it uses the same easy-to-master interface, and Apple says it runs nearly all of the 150,000 apps that work on the iPhone.”

His general verdict

“If you’re mainly a Web surfer, note-taker, social-networker and emailer, and a consumer of photos, videos, books, periodicals and music—this could be for you. If you need to create or edit giant spreadsheets or long documents, or you have elaborate systems for organizing email, or need to perform video chats, the iPad isn’t going to cut it as your go-to device.”

via Business Insider

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