Early Edition: This Gorgeous iPad RSS Reader Might Just Become Your Morning Read

Early Edition: This Gorgeous iPad RSS Reader Might Just Become Your Morning Read

To date, I have yet to find an RSS reader that has truly given me the same enjoyable experience as skimming through a newspaper.

The two closest matches to what I’m looking for is Times for the Mac and Feedly. Smoking Apples has today uncovered what could be exactly what I’m looking for on the iPad. An RSS Reader turned multimedia newspaper that I can sit down and enjoy over a cup of coffee in the morning.

Developed by Glasshouse Apps, developers of the beautifully designed Barista and Cellar apps for iPhone and iPod touch, the app elegant arranges the stories on the screen just as you would expect from a newspaper but also allows you customize the arrangement to your own preferences.

You should watch the video demo embedded below to get a better idea for how the app works. Personally, I love the embedded video player, single page view (particularly the previewing of web pages) and of course the skimming through the pages, something I imagine we’ll all become a little bored of before long.

It’s difficult to know for certain how well this style of reading will work on the iPad. I’m sure the app developers themselves will admit to not being certain. We’re bound to see a number of variations over the course of the next few months (this is a brand new type of device after all) but with any luck we’ll end up with a design that equals or betters what magazines and newspapers have spent decades improving upon in paper format.

Enough talk, watch the vid.

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