Who Needs Flash? Brightcove Brings HTML5 Video to iPad & iPhone.

Who Needs Flash?  Brightcove Brings HTML5 Video to iPad & iPhone.

Brightcove HTML5Macrumors reports that video provider corporation Brightcove has announced support for HTML5. For those not in the know, HTML5 is being touted as the death of Flash, as it allows multimedia content to be played natively by the browser rather than requiring a 3rd party plugin.

Great news here for iPhone and future iPad owners. Brightcove serves hundreds of customers from A&E Television to The New York Times, with many others in between. These customers now have the option of streaming rich media from their sites, in a format that will be available to all.

iPad customers have been highly concerned with the lack of Flash support on the device, as Apple has claimed from the beginning that the iPad was the perfect way to browse the Internet. HTML5 support, however, is no issue and offers considerably more choices than Flash as well.

Loads of information, including timelines and in-depth features available via Brightcove’s blog.

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