Kindle Arrives on Mac OS X

Kindle Arrives on Mac OS X

Amazon has today slipped out the release of the Kindle for the Mac, a desktop app that lets you download Kindle books you already own, and read them on your Mac.

As TUAW reports, there was no big announcement with this. No press release Just released one. Nothing but a mention on the site. Slightly odd.

As mentioned, the app lets you purchase books but also allows for reading synchronization across the Kindle and your iPhone.

You can adjust font size and line length; turning pages is easily done via a scroll wheel on your mouse, or with the arrow keys, TUAW notes.

Kindle for the Mac displays your bookmarks and highlights from your Kindle reading sessions, but doesn’t let you create new highlights.The app works on Intel Macs running Mac OS X 10.5+ and is available for download here.

Now, who’s looking forward to Amazon’s Kindle iPad app…?

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