Remember Apple’s It Finally Gets Some New Features.

Remember Apple’s It Finally Gets Some New Features.

It’s been over a year since Apple launched, a service that allows users of their office suite of applications to publish documents online. It looks slick and pretty but you can only view and comment.

After much neglect, iWork has finally seen an update. You can now easily create a public URL for a document you’ve shared on iWork. Pretty basic stuff.

Finally, and almost embarrassingly, now lets you view shared documents on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. “You can see a high resolution view of your document right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch and even download it to edit with Keynote, Pages, or Numbers on your iPad.”

What is it with Apple and the web? My dreams of Apple and Google collaborating one day have now faded entirely. So we have to lie in hope that Apple somehow gets their act together before its too late. Either that or all of Google’s service get a seriously slick redesign.

Via Smoking Apples

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