Hold your breath: The Apple Store is down!

Hold your breath: The Apple Store is down!

Currently closedThe online Apple Store is currently closed. That usually means that new products are added to the store.

Yesterday rumors surfaced that today we could expect new MacBook Pro’s. The rumors were later announced to be fake and the world moved on. Now the store is down so there might be some basis to those rumors after all.

More logical would be that Apple is adding a large “pre-Order the iPad NOW” button to the store. The tablet will be available for pre-order today from 5:30am Pacific Time or 8:30am for those living on the east coast of the US.

I never understood the need for Apple to take the whole store down during updates. I can imagine Amazon adding hundreds of products every day. What would happen if they would would take the store down every time a new book would be published?

So maybe this whole “Apple Store is down” phenomena is just an invention by Apple to get us all excited and holding our breath. Another clever PR strategy? Well, it works for me.

UPDATED: and we are back. As expected you can now pre-order the iPad in the online store now. iPad pre-order limit: two per customer. If Saturday delivery is not available in your area, iPad will be delivered on April 5. Let us know if you did and which one you chose!

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