Track iPads Around The World – See Where They Are!

Track iPads Around The World – See Where They Are!

Mobile analytics firm PercentMobile is tracking the use of iPads all around the world and are placing the results on a map that you can peruse.

The data is collected from all of their clients accounts, so the sample is not perfect or complete, but there is enough data to have fun with. Of course, it is all plotted on a Google map inside of a faux-iPad. Contextualism is not dead, as they claim.

Where are there the most iPads? Surprise, surprise, in California. A few show up on the East Coast, and there is one in Austin, Texas. South By South West, anyone? Whoever has that device could drink for free all conference if they wanted. “One drink per minute of iPad playing!”

Take a look at the map here. Image of iPad usage in the US after the jump.

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