Apple May Soon Bring Apps to Your TV

Apple May Soon Bring Apps to Your TV

Apple’s boldest ambitions might be yet to come.

Many think of Apple TV as one the company’s least succesful products of recent years. Despite frequent updates, it does leave much to be desired. According to patent reports dug up by Patently Apple however, it’s likely we’ll see Apple TV soon run the same OS as the iPad. This means the ability to email, browse the web and run the plethora of applications we’re bound to see developed for Apple’s device (along with the iPhone apps that can run on it).

The patent identifies iRemote, Apple’s own iPhone app specifically created to control the Apple TV as where the magic may stem from. iRemote could become your home’s universal remote/mouse. This means using iRemote to browse, type, email, play games, all from the comfort of your couch with your TV as the display.

For those of you who haven’t tried iRemote, I can assure you that this thing has potential. The app is as slick (as you would expect from Apple) but more importantly very responsive and it’s not difficult to see how it become the trick up Apple’s sleeve.

Once Apple plugs itself into what most families consider their hub, the TV, the potential for Apple’s iRemote app to control virtually every part of a home becomes clear. It’s what most people believed 2010 would be like, one device to control heating, lighting, audio, entertainment and so on. Of course, this is all likely to happen with the the help of developers and assuming the iPad takes off, with the help of major utility and manufacturing companies.

Of course, the iPad will itself also plug in to the system, meaning you won’t have to have an Apple TV or iRemote app to make this happen.

It’s also fascinating to then imagine how Apple might take a bigger chunk out of the gaming marketing which up until recently had been a hardly fought out by the likes of Sony and Nintendo. The iPhone has done wonders to prove your phone could become the ultimate in portable gaming. Will Apple TV, the iPad and iRemote do the same for gamers at home?

Apple’s bright future might have only just begun.

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