The Apple Store is closed? [Update: New Aperture]

The Apple Store is closed? [Update: New Aperture]

What could it be? New MacBooks, as predicted here yesterday? Lower priced iPads? What is your best guess? According to MacRumors there are some indications of new MacBooks and of course MacWorld opened yesterday in San Francisco. Enough little facts to get us excited.

Update: It’s a spanking new Aperture with a bundle of iPhoto’s features included. MacWorld has a full run down.

In summary, the update will cost $99 for existing Aperture users or $199 for newbies. The release supposedly offers “over 200 new features,” includes advanced versions of the Faces and Places features previously seen in iPhoto ’09. There’s a new image-refinement tool called Brushes, which allows users to paint adjustments directly on to images.

The front page of has been updated now but the store is still closed. For those of you who were hoping for new MacBooks: there is still hope. ;-)

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