Only 9% To Buy iPad? Polling Shows Weak Demand For Apple Tablet

Only 9% To Buy iPad? Polling Shows Weak Demand For Apple Tablet

ipad rightNot to the surprise of the already disappointed, but perhaps to the fanboy’s chagrin, information detailing consumer demand for the iPad is quite weak.

Few people are claiming to wish to purchase the device, despite months of hype surrounding the gadget and a very well covered launch event.

In data collected by Retrovo both pre and post the iPad’s unveiling, consumer interest in the device has declined from before to after its lengthy introduction by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The data speaks loudly for itself, take a look:

ipad lol

The percentage of people who know of the device and do not want one doubled after the announcement. The percentage of people who need more information, but might be interested rose slightly from 19 to 21 percent.

Of course, the number of people claiming not to know about the device while stating a lack of interest declined, with many from that camp stating that they have heard of the device, and are not still interested as we previously noted.

After the announcement a scant 9% of people polled want to buy the device outright. For a device that is supposed to open a new product category and revolutionize touch computing, that is a disappointing figure.

It looks like a rocky start for the iPad. Will this change before the device goes on sale?

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