iTablet launches in the UK. This is uncanny…

iTablet launches in the UK. This is uncanny…

x2-computing-launches-itablet-windows-ipad-0Well this is awkward.

A UK company has launched a range of Windows or Linux-based tablets and branded it the iTablet. A screenshot can be found to the right, and while it’s hardly likely to have Jobs knees wobbling, it doesn’t look all that bad.

Due to start shipping in April 2010, it runs Windows 7 and is powered by a 1.6GHz Intel processor. It’s available in two sizes, of 10.2 and 12.1-inches (both 35mm thick, which sounds horrendously thick, given the iPad is 13.4mm deep), and each model contains 250GB of internal storage, a 3G chip, flash and Bluetooth.

The iTablet range is due to be available in a range of solid and metallic colours including white, grey, pink, blue, red, yellow and black. Pricing has yet to be released.

So it’s got flash and a shoddy camera, still more features than the iPad but less is more, right?And branding wise, is this ridiculous or a genius approach to getting free press? Oh and how long before manufacturers X2 is sued?

Source: Pocket Lint

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