Official: No Flash On iPad – Hulu Seen In Tears

Official: No Flash On iPad – Hulu Seen In Tears

ipad flashWell, you can hit the last nail into this coffin. After much controversy, there is no flash on the iPad.

During Steve Job’s demonstration of the device, numerous broken flash elements were shown, causing a collective groan across the internet. But, it surfaced after that in some iPad promotional copy live flash content was shown. What to think? Would there be flash on the device?

Well, we all talked about it, wondering just what Apple was up to. Turns out they were just kidding, unsurprisingly. Those advertisements have since been amended, and the flash content has been pulled like a pizza from the brick oven.

ipad flash fail

Image on the left was the original promotional copy. The image on the right is what Apple is now showing off.  Meaning: no flash for you on an Apple mobile device. Hulu is in the hospital being treated for a broken heart, early messages from doctors were negative.

Does this change your level of desire for an iPad?

iPad comparison via PCWorld.

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