We’ve saved the best for last. Probably the best Apple tablet concept yet.


Patrycjusz-BrzezinskiWell we’re nearly there, tomorrow (today?) in San Francisco we should have the official introduction of the Apple tablet.

We’ve all been waiting around, some twiddling our thumbs, others writing about it, a select few however, like young Polish student Patrycjusz Brzeziński, have set to work designing something I’m certain we’d all love to see in Steve Jobs’ hands within the next 24 hours. While he is likely to be glorifying his “most important” product ever (as he’s called it), just think how much cooler it would be to get something like Brzeziński’s MacView.

The MacView is his dream, a multimedia tablet with two touch screens.
I have seen a whole load of tablet concepts over the last few months, but this is certainly one of the best. Great work Patrycjusz.


Some initial sketches


Keyboard on the second touch screen



Above description says:
An ultralight personal computer which will display everything you need during the day. Wherever you are, you have your favourite books and text files with you. You will most certainly discover the magic of reading on this specially designed screen, which doesn’t cause eye-strain even in the darkest of environments.
Wherever you are, you will always have access to your resources in the WWW. You will be able to open movie files and listen to music. Designed for those on the move. Hundreds of functions make life easier in today’s contemporary cities. All this in the small-form factor MacView
, which has a thickness of just 7mm.





Desktop with mini player music on second screen


PDF with thumb pages on second screen



MacView support, that solution reminds me one scene in Avatar


Box, so everything is packed right


Via Behance

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