OS X 10.7 Appearing More Often in Logs

OS X 10.7 Appearing More Often in Logs


9 to 5 Mac has some interesting analytics numbers showing Macs with an OS version of 10.7 appearing more and more frequently.

They note that while the first appearances of the OS version in their visitor logs had been from a set of IP addresses known to be sourced at Apple’s Cupertino base, that more and more of the appearances are from machines connected elsewhere — with one visitor even being overseas. It looks like an OS X 10.7 developer’s build may be maturing, and out in the wild.

The rising appearance of the 10.7 version isn’t huge news in and of itself, as there’s been speculation about the new version since last year, when Mac Rumors posted about the appearance of an error string on Mac OS Forge citing developer build 11A47. The build was thought to be the early beginnings of the next installment of OS X, as Snow Leopard began life as build-prefix 10A at version 10.6, and Leopard (10.5) having a build-prefix of 9A before it.

Could there be a mature build of OS X 10.7 seeded to developers at this year’s WWDC? It would certainly be welcome; Snow Leopard’s refinements are nice and all, but it feels like it’s been a bit too long since we’ve had a really exciting change in Apple’s greatest claim to fame, their OS.

Image: ZDnet.

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