The Apple Tablet Delayed Until June? Battery Life An Issue?

The Apple Tablet Delayed Until June? Battery Life An Issue?

apple_tabletJust when you thought that you were out of the Apple tablet rumor mill, we pull you right back in. According to Shawn Wu from Kaufman Bros. the tablet will most likely be delayed until June.

But he did not stop there, also revealing that the device will cost around $999 (the price rumor of the day), and is not intended to replace a Mac, but to be something of a “super iPod Touch.”

That sounds like a very, very expensive Crunchpad minus the open.

We have now heard 100,089,092,988 Apple tablet rumors. I am sincerely excited for the event to come so that everyone can stop spinning this so hard they are turning their keyboards into desktop gyroscopes.

More from Wu, the tablet should be delayed due to “battery life and durability” issues. Fair enough. If that is true, then Apple just got a second free round of PR: one when they unveil, and another when they release. Even when Apple fails, it wins.

I might buy one, you might buy one, if only we actually knew what it was. The 27th cannot come quickly enough.

Story via AppleInsider.

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