OS X Tricks: Slo-Mo Exposé & Floating Dictionary

OS X Tricks: Slo-Mo Exposé & Floating Dictionary


Our first trick for this post comes courtesy of the folks at TUAW, who dug it up after it lay dormant for quite some time. We all know that right-clicking on a word in most apps while using OS X will give us many options, one of them being to pull up the resident Dictionary app to define the word in question.

What many don’t realize is that the same definition and word-data can be called up by holding command+control+D. The pop-up that appears quickly shows you the information you needed, without opening an external application. When you’re done, just click away from it and it’s gone.

The second trick today is one that I happened across last night, accidentally. I’m a heavy user of Exposé, in all its many forms, and I’m usually pretty accurate when it comes to hitting hotkeys on my keyboard, but this time I had a happy accident. If you hold down the shift key while activating any type of Exposé action, OS X will kick it into slow-motion.

Now, this trick is wholly useless in any practical application, but it’s nothing short of entrancing when it happens. I can’t really come up with any daily uses for this one besides possibly screencasting, but it’s pretty cool nonetheless :)

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