Video: How Apple’s 3D control system could work

Video: How Apple’s 3D control system could work

Remember that Apple 3D viewing patent that was uncovered last month? Here’s how it could work.

Software Advice sent us this video that shows just how the technology could help doctors.

They might have a point. Apple has been keen to promote iPhone apps aimed at medical professionals so if this technology were to come to market doctors could well be a target market. They write:

“In an industry that relies heavily on charts and graphical information, we think Apple’s head-tracking technology would be welcomed by physicians. It could be used to view X-rays, CAT scans, MRI scans, anatomical diagrams and more. For example, a neurologist could review an MRI scan of the brain by turning their head or using hand gestures.”

Does this technology excite you? I can’t see myself using it very often but for gamers, architects, 3D designers and doctors it could well be just the ticket. We just have to hope Apple releases it now…

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