PasteFire: This might just become your most used iPhone app.

PasteFire: This might just become your most used iPhone app.

Picture 82Credit where it’s due, this is a cracking idea by French Entrepreneur Ouriel Ohayon.

Ohayon was finding it frustrating having to email content he found on the web over to his iPhone whenever he wanted to use it. He also found Pastebot a little long winded and so decided to create a slick, fast and simple way to (really) quickly copy stuff from computer to iPhone, be it a phone number, image, address, URL).

Up until now I had been using SimpleNotes for this very reason. I hate writing text messages, so whenever possible I’d write the text up on and then find it available on phone a few seconds later. Pastefire however makes this process even faster and provides a number of alternatives.

After downloading the iPhone app, which is free by the way, you simply visit, enter whatever text you’d like to have on your phone and after clicking send and launching the Pastefire iPhone app, you’ll find it there ready to use. If it’s a phone number, you’ll immediately see the option to call. If it’s a URL, open in Safari. Photo, add to your gallery and so on.

PasteFire also offers a bookmarklet which makes it even faster to get things onto your phone fast. I’m also hoping to see a desktop version of the app designed, an app that might just let me type without even the click of a button, possibly just a specific keyboard shortcut. That said, the beauty of this is that you can use it from any computer no matter where you are.

You probably won’t appreciate how useful this is until you try it, so give it a shot at and download the iPhone app here.

Still not convinced? Then have a watch of a video demonstration below:

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