GQ Magazine Enters iTunes App Store On A Pay-Per-Issue Deal

GQ Magazine Enters iTunes App Store On A Pay-Per-Issue Deal

GQThe full content of the latest US issue of GQ is now available in iTunes app stores around the world.

Magazine publisher Conde Nast has struck a deal with the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) for sales of the US version of the app to count towards overall sales of the popular men’s monthly.

Unlike the ‘one-off’ charges now being introduced by news/magazine based apps, GQ will be on sale at $2.99 per issue (equivalent pricing in non-US iTunes stores).

However, in addition to the complete content of the printed magazine, purchasers of the app will receive exclusive video content, photographs and audio clips. Quick links to fully-stocked retailers will also be available from all fashion shoot spreads.

The app weighs in at 0.5mb for the initial download but comes with a warning that the app should then be left open on a good WiFi connect for at least 5 minutes for the handset to ‘absorb’ the entire issue.

This trend towards offline-enabled apps follows Spotify’s approach to offline music playlists and even news titles such as the UK Guardian allowing users to save selected content for reading without internet connectivity.

The app’s contribution to GQ’s overall monthly sales figures will be watched with interest as Conde Nast and competing publishers prepare other high profile titles for the iPhone app treatment.

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