Looking for an iPhone Wrist/Neck Strap solution? These are your best options.

Looking for an iPhone Wrist/Neck Strap solution? These are your best options.

If you’re anything like me you’re constantly leaving your iPhone on a table or in the wrong pocket, always finding it in the end, but rarely there when you want it for that special photo or phone call.

I’ve never been a neck strap kind of guy, but with a goal in mind to have my iPhone with me at all times (naked or clothed), I decided to find a way to wear it around my neck.

I jumped on the web, as you do, and Googled it. Immediately noticeable were the lack of options out there. With the iPhone having no built in hook for a neck strap, my first choice was to buy a battery case like the Mophie, but unless you’re willing to hack a hole into it yourself, it isn’t a viable option. The only other immediate choice was to look for a case or pouch and disappointingly even that proved a struggle.

Nevertheless, I did manage to find a few decent options and these are the best of them:

Vaja Top SP Holster

Picture-50eWhile expensive, Vaja clearly knows the iPhone. With perfectly snug fitted cases and impressive build quality, you’re not likely to go wrong.

The only case with a neck strap option is the Top SP Holster but you’ll need to be able to deal with flipping the cover on and off whenever you want to use the phone.

Everything from Vaja is customizable so once you pick the model you like you can go ahead and personalize it. The downside of this process means that orders can takes a few weeks to fill, but you do get a product that is unique at a sub-$100 price tag.

Pouch from Tha Meow Designs on Etsy

Picture 51

Ah the pouch, a little feminine, but if you’re comfortable with that then these cases from Tha Meow Designs are a pretty gorgeous option daahling. This soft protective stylist Wristlet case with cover durable,lightweight case should keep your phone snug and safe.

Made from cotton blend fabric and interiors of felt made from recycled post consumer plastic bottles, you should enjoy the cases quality. Neatly you can choose on checkout whether you prefer a button or velcro or snap option to give you easier access to your phone.

The cases will set you back $35.


The case/pouch idea was something I was willing to try, and did, until I came across the Danglet.

dangletThe Danglet works by plugging into the iPhone’s Dock Connector port, snapping into place with two stainless steel hooking clips. It features an internal stainless steel frame to provide an all-metal mounting hole for the included seven-inch nylon wrist strap and 17-inch nylon neck strap.

Admittedly I was skeptical, and thoughts from people who hadn’t tried it yet were negative to say the least, but as I said, with a goal in mind, I decided to buy one.

It’s now been two weeks, and while I can’t be certain of the long term consequences, the little gizmo works very well. I have intentionally not swung it around – as you’ll see in the video below – but It does feel secure. Clearly the dock connector wasn’t designed for the docklet but if you’re desperate to have your iPhone to hand or neck, then I’d recommend give it a try. Again, I can’t emphasise this enough, I don’t know whether I’ll discover that I can’t use the port as a connector to my mac one day which clearly will render the iPhone useless – so bear that in mind and don’t come back complaining if that turns out to be the case with yours.

Available for delivery to the U.S., Canada, and EU countries, the Danglet sells for $15.

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