Uncommon brings spectacularly unique cases to the iPhone.

Uncommon brings spectacularly unique cases to the iPhone.

Picture 49All of you iPhone lovers will adore this, incredibly professional customizable iPhone cases from Uncommon.

The process called 3D TATT™(Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology), is a sublimation technique that embeds an image, any image, deep in the plastic case which means that it won’t smear or scratch off.

We were tired playing by everyone else’s rules. It sucked. We created Uncommon so that we could do whatever we wanted. Now we are giving you the power to do whatever you want. That is Uncommon,” says Scott Wilson, Uncommon Brand Director and Co-Founder.

If you don’t have an image to hand that you’d like to use, their website stocks over 70 artists with amazing portfolios, so even if you aren’t interested in a case (cause you might not have an iPhone), it’s worth visiting the website to check out the graphics!

Uncommon’s first products are the ultra-slim protective iPhone and iPod Touch Capsule Cases and Blackberry Storm 2 Trooper Case (all $39.95), with MacBook and Blackberry Curve cases, watches and other blank canvas objects soon to follow.

Products are customized in the US but deliverable worldwide.

Have a watch of this video, it’s worth it.

This Is Uncommon from Scott Wilson on Vimeo.

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