Live iPhone Development Reality Show [record]

Live iPhone Development Reality Show [record]

Command Guru is streaming a live iPhone development reality show over a seven day period at BigRock headquarters in Italy.

A team of international iPhone developers plan to develop an app from start to publish over this week. The free live event began Dec 6th and will continue until Dec 12th, documenting the development of an application.

A development event is a great way for iPhone geeks to see the process involved with creating an app, from design to finish.

The detailed day to day agenda is displayed on the site along with the source code of the application.

The theme of the application has been described as a “sexy social networking app” and will be available for free when completed.

Guru Aaron Hillegass will be leading the developers during the event put together by Command Guru sl.

Apple fans also will be pleased to hear that coupons for Mac applications will be offered during the event.

You can watch the event live on the CommandGuru site.
To interact with the event follow @CommandGuru on Twitter and use the tag #CGLive

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