Guam Gets the iPhone

Guam Gets the iPhone

The iPhone 3G and 3Gs is now available for pre-order as of today at GTA TeleGuam, the first provider to bring the iPhone to Guam. iPhone

The official launch will be on December 11th in GTA TeleGuam retail stores.

The 3G provider will offer unlimited data along with discounted hardware for existing and new users who subscribe to iPhone data-voice packages with mpulse wireless.

The hardware cost is in line with the typical subsidized costs of $99 for the 3G, the 3GS 16GB for $199.95 and the 3GS 32GB for $299.95.  Users must subscribe to specific plans to take advantage of the lowest prices along with committing to a 2 year contract.

Late this summer GTA TeleGuam increased speeds and coverage in a 5 million dollar upgrade of their 3G network which currently covers about 80% of Guam.

As commented by Andrew Gayle, this was due to the success of smart phones in Guam.  GTA TeleGuam was also the first provider in Guam to carry the BlackBerry back in 2006.

“The rapid growth of BlackBerry and other smart phones on Guam is the primary reason for accelerating our 3G network deployment,” – Andrew Gayle, executive vice president of wireless and television for GTA TeleGuam.

Exciting news for Apple fans in Guam who’ve been painfully awaiting it’s arrival.

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