The Retro Classic Dragon’s Lair Hits the iPhone

The Retro Classic Dragon’s Lair Hits the iPhone

EA Mobile has just released the classic 80’s fantasy adventure game Dragon’s Lair for the iPhone and iPod Touch. dragonslairDIRK

Dragon’s Lair was one of the first laserdisk-based arcade games which became a sensation in Arcades in the early 80’s.

The same Don Bluth animation you remember remains in the updated version and is a fantastic adaptation from the arcade version.
The cartoon animations are bright and crisp and look beautiful on the iPhone.

The control scheme and mission are as they once were. Make the correct move at the right time by tapping on the directional arrows and sword.

The Game-play may not dazzle younger iPhone gamers who didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing Dragon’s Lair in all it’s glory but its bound to draw you in if you had.

Dragon's Lair 2
Dragon's Lair

Game Modes: Arcade / Home
Experience the game translated from the original arcade machines in Arcade mode or play the easier Home mode version. Home mode includes animations that were left out of the arcade release.

Get it (iTunes) *4.99
Compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, OS 2.2.1+

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